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May 28, 2015
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Welcome to Domeyer Scull Boats

DSB manufactures one-man duck hunting boats better known as a scull boat. Scull boats are propelled by an oar which extends through the transom of the boat. In a “sculling” motion the operator propels this low profile boat while lying down, concealing the movement of the oar. This provides a unique opportunity to access birds in open water.

Our designs have proven their effectiveness over 80 years and the span of four generations of scullers. We invite you to learn more about sculling and our products by browsing around the website and learning more about us …. Let our heritage and success speak for itself.

Our Goals

Our goal is to maintain the tradition of sculling and family heritage while providing the best quality scull boats on the market. Sculling has been in the Domeyer family for over four generations. We have all enjoyed the unique opportunities for water fowling that sculling provides and take great pride in that heritage.

It is our intention to promote the strong sense of sportsmanship that is common throughout the sculling community. Sculling requires patience, physical effort and a knowledge of your surroundings. Most importantly sculling requires a respect for nature and the resources that it provides. We recognized and promote these attributes.

We are committed to provide customers with support and information on sculling techniques and provide them with the knowledge and tools to become successful scullers.
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